About Windsurfing New Zealand

There’s a big push on at the moment to get more people into this great sport. The focus is on building up the local clubs, getting more clubs going, getting more sailors into clubs, and of course getting more people both young and old into windsurfing. Information about Windsurfing NZ, its goals, current projects and services and future plans are being introduced to this section, so please use the menu to the left to access the information about WNZ. And if you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to┬ácontact us.

Sail numbers are required for national racing events. Its also useful for identifying your windsurfing gear. To get a sail number you must be a member of Windsurfing NZ or an affiliated club. A sail number may not be required for some non-racing national events (ie wave, freestyle) but membership of WNZ is still mandatory. Click the banner to the left to view the available sail numbers or confirm yours if you already have one.